Could Your Dizziness Be Coming From Your Neck?

How to treat vertigo; Everyone you ask has a different answer, but who can you believe? What doctor treats dizziness? Should you just try that home remedy your neighbor told you about to put the “ear stones” back in place?

Dizziness symptoms may originate from your neck.Hold on, not every type of vertigo comes from the “ear stones.” The answer to, “Why am I dizzy?” or “Do I have vertigo?” is best left to a specialist like Dr. Alexander C. Frank, from Florida Functional Neurology Group in Wildwood. Dr. Frank utilizes advanced training, clinical experience, and cutting-edge therapies to reveal the cause and treat symptoms of dizziness and imbalance, such as vertigo. His advanced training and experience makes him your resource when dizziness is not ear-stone related.

Each patient presents unique needs. You deserve a healthcare provider who not only takes the time to listen, but can explain what our bodies are trying to tell us. Please call for a consultation or to schedule an appointment.

Why am I Dizzy?

Dizziness is a very common problem. We most commonly think the terms dizziness and vertigo (spinning sensation) as the same thing. However, there are various conditions that fall under the umbrella of “dizziness.” Correctly determining what is causing you to feel “off” will lead to a more rapid resolution of your malaise.

We test to determine if you have vertigo.Dizziness is a term that is used to describe several distinct sensations, such as spinning, about to pass out, but also see-saw, like on an ocean, etc. By describing these sensations, you can provide your healthcare provider with the means to offer insight into your health complaint. Dizziness is often caused  by a conditions or illnesses that are easily treated. Sometimes, however, dizziness can be a sign of something serious or even life-threatening.

Types of Dizziness

Dizziness can be described in the following ways:

  • Pre-syncope: such as feeling lightheaded, like when standing up too quickly.
  • Disequilibrium: Feeling Off Balance
    Disequilibrium is the sensation of not being able to maintain balance, often veering to one side of the other.
  • Vertigo: When Everything Is Spinning in Circles
    Vertigo is the same sensation of spinning. The most common form is when crystals/stones in the outer ear (peripheral) break off from where they sense moving forward/backwards (such as in a car) and up Vertigo can be caused by an inner ear problem, resulting in peripheral vertigo. When it is the result of a problem with the brainstem (which regulates balance and equilibrium) it is called central vertigo.
  • Non-Specific Dizziness: Feeling Funny
    In this case, the term dizziness may be used to describe a symptom you can’t “put your finger on.” This may appear as unsteadiness, fatigue, disorientation, or even an “out of body” sensation.

It is not always stones or ear crystals! Always seek an in depth evaluation about your health complaint(s).

Dizziness as a Symptom of Serious Illness?

Some symptoms of vertigo or dizziness may be pointing us in the direction of a more serious condition.
Our testing may indicate your vertigo symptoms point to another condition.

  1. Brain circulation and/or Blood flow
  2. Neurodegeneration
  3. Infections
  4. Heart Disease
  5. Hormone issues
  6. Autoimmune Disease

Dr. Frank and the staff at FFNG have the advanced clinical skills to determine the root-cause(s) of your health complaints. Let us form a treatment programs to help you reach your health goals.


Learn why you are dizzy with advanced dizziness and vertigo testing, available only at FFNG.

Video Oculography testing

The most advanced Video Oculography (Nystagmography, Eye movements, Gravity sensors, Cognitive function, and more) in North Central Florida.

We track your eyes during testing.

Infrared cameras track your eyes during testing. Dr. Frank can tell the direction you feel you are spinning just by watching your eyes! He will review these videos with his clients so that they can understand the “why” behind prescribed exercises, as well as see their path back to not being dizzy.