“I have been dealing with “thyroid” issues since the early 1990’s. I was told I had “irregular nodules” on my thyroid and told I needed and received a radioactive ablation that made me dependent on medication for the rest of my life. I have been up and down on medications with see-sawing results at best. Dr. Frank performed the most thorough diagnostic examination I have ever had, certainly no endocrinologist did what he did, along with extensive blood work that one endocrinologist called “pointless”. Needless to say, the information obtained from these “pointless” test allowed Dr. Frank to pinpoint the true area of dysfunction (wasn’t my thyroid) which allowed him to tailor a treatment program that supported my condition. I haven’t felt this good in twenty years. Thank you Dr. Frank for giving me back my life and my future.”

Barbara G.

“I was told by my sons teachers and school counselors that he had ADD . His pediatrician thought that was a possibility too, and that his constant headaches were “just growing pains”. I brought him to Dr. Frank for an exam. When I told Dr. Frank about my son’s constant headaches he asked for the MRI of the brain (assuming that it was performed by the MDs); there wasn’t one. Dr. Frank saw inappropriate findings within minutes of starting the examination, like spontaneous wrist and ankle movement. He referred us for an MRI immediately and to a medical pediatric neurologist. Of course the MD’s first appointment was in 6 months! So I took my son for the MRI where they found abnormalities in his brain. The findings got us an appointment the next day with the medical neurologist. My family and I a greatly appreciative of Dr. Frank’s attention to detail. My son has a greater chance of functioning out at a higher level in life with Dr. Frank in his corner. You are our angle!”

Larise S.

“I was performing exercises when I felt a pop and burning sensation in the back of my leg. Within an hour I could no longer stand on my leg and the pain was terrible. I went to the emergency room where they diagnosed me as having a pulled hamstring and gave me medicaiton for the pain. I tried to deal with the pain for 2 weeks to no relief. I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Frank. I told him what happened and the hospitals findings. Dr. Frank was horrified to find that my lower left leg was completely weak, i could not move it at all. A couple of tests later, none of which were performed in the hospital, he diagnosed the injury as compressive neruopathy and he told me to go the ER right away for an emergency surgery. Again, the hospital told me to just give the injury time to heal and were going to prescribe me more meds. I pleaded with them that I didn’t want to lose the use of my leg. A visiting trauma surgeon from Jackson Memorial overheard my pleas and investigated. I was in surgery 6 hours later to decompress a hematoma that was crushing my sciatic nerve. The doctor said another day or two and would have most likekly lost the use of my leg forever. Thank you Dr. Frank for your depth of knowledge. You saved my leg and life. I know with functional neurology my road to recovery will be less steep.

Yuli A.