Our brain understands the world/reality through its sensory systems. These include sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, & balance. What we call the sensory system of “sight” takes place not just via the eye, but in addition to other sensory systems. What we “see” is the consolidation of that data from your sensory systems to create a “picture of reality” (Illusions, beer goggles etc). Certain sensory systems trump others. Illusionist take advantage of the brain’s need to be a “predictor of reality” & its tenous assumption that specific sequence of events such as : A+B=C is going to happen, to create their intrguing creations. 

In Functional Neurology, we restore the central integrated state (goldylocks zone) of the cells in the area(s) of hypofunction and the systems they interact with (ripple effect) by activating the appropriate sensory system(s) in a specific sequence, frequency, and intensity

  • Eyelights
  • Hemistim Visual Optics Program
  • Hemifield glasses
  • Vibration/Balance Training
  • Multi-modal Sensory Integrative Adjusting
  • Interactive Metronome Home IM