A human needs to be balanced to perform optimally. This is very true for our fight or flight (sympathetic) v. relaxation/digestion (parasympathetic.) systems. Certain jobs such as firefighters, police, & other public safety officers, along with Military service, can lead to imbalances within these systems leading to a multitude of issues. We all understand that stress can lead to illness, but it is not mild colds. Studies conclusively show that men who work the night shifts are more susceptible to disease. In fact, working the night shift increases a male’s chance of prostate cancer by 50%.

The increased amount of time spent in a heightened state (tactical alert) activates our stress pathways (Adrenaline, Cortisol, etc). Short-term these chemicals are beneficial. It is with prolonged use that they become detrimental to optimal body function and we become vulnerable to fatigue and/or failure of the systems.

These jobs can require a person to stay at a higher level of alter than most civilians experience. Unfortunately, we have a strong history (I’m a firefighter) of being unable to switch into the relaxation stage; with some of our colleagues succumbing to substance use/abuse to achieve those goals.

I have had the opportunity to work with Defensive Tactics instructors who are now dealing with repetitive injures to the neck, back, and joints. Brain-based rehabilitation has been instrumental in helping these individuals along their road to recovery and maximum potential.

At FFNG, we appreciate the stresses of those in the various public safety fields. Our brain-based rehabilitation will not only make firearm’s recertification a breeze, but it will also help to delay the degenerative processes of the body.