Dr. Frank & Functional Health Planning, LLC (d/b/a Florida Functional Neurology Group [FFNG]) are a TIME OF SERVICE OFFICE; WE ARE NOT IN-NETWORK WITH ANY MANAGED-CARE PROVIDER (i.e., Blue Cross, Cigna, etc.), except Medicare Part B as required by law.

Payment at this office are due at the time services are rendered, unless other financial arrangements have been agreed to in writing by both parties (i.e., Medicare Part B clients, Personal Injury clients, etc.). Clients (not Personal Injury) are enrolled in a medical discount program that provides access to our reduced-fee schedule.

Many of the treatments and therapies that Dr. Frank provides would not be covered even if our office was in-network with your managed care/insurance provider (i.e., S9090 Decompression, S8948 LASER, 97533 Sensory Integrative Therapies, Muscle Response Testing, Combining therapies at one time, etc.).

The goal of this practice is the restoration of function (including the elimination of pain) and the prevention of re-injury.  The goal of insurance-managed care is the elimination of pain, which we have found in our clinical experience to be a poor marker of health/function.


Accident/Personal Injury

We do accept accident insurance (Personal Injury Protection), as well as Letters of Protection (LOP), on a case by case basis. Dr. Frank’s extensive neurological/brain injury training, along with FFNG’s network of medical physicians and other health care professionals, are your best resource to expedite the road to recovery post-accident.


Medicare Part B

Dr. Frank & FFNG must be enrolled in Medicare Part B to evaluate and treat Medicare qualified patients.  As a courtesy to our Medicare Part B patients, FFNG is currently direct-billing Medicare for those with Part B chiropractic coverage and secondary/supplement coverage, only.


  • Medicare Part B will cover 80% of the cost of the chiropractic manipulative services for medically-warranted spinal (neck, mid back, low back, pelvis/sacrum) pain due to subluxation, or bones out-of-place. Click here to go to find out more about what is not covered in a chiropractic office by Medicare Part B.


  • Secondary/Supplemental will cover the portion (20%) of the adjustment fee that Medicare Part B does not pay. It does not cover anything Medicare Part B does not (i.e., therapies, exams, etc.).


  • Medicare Part B does not cover the cost of evaluations, assessments, testing, supports, supplements, review of medical documents, and especially a physician’s time, etc.  Medicare part B and your secondary/supplemental cover the cost of treatment of spinal subluxations ONLY (neck, mid back, low back, pelvis, and headache).


  • Those without Secondary/Supplemental plans, or those with plans such as Federal Blue Cross, Tricare, etc., will be financially responsible for the 20% of fees not covered by Medicare Part B. These fees will be billed to you by our service, Global Billing Solutions and are as of 11/10/21 under $8.00.

More information on what Medicare Part B covers in a chiropractic physician’s office. Click Here.


Medicare Advantage and other Replacement Plans

Dr. Frank & Functional Health Planning, LLC (d/b/a Florida Functional Neurology Group [FFNG]) are a time-of-service office and are not enrolled/in-network with any major medical plans (insurance). Medicare Advantage, United Healthcare Villages Replacement, or any other Medicare replacement plans, chiropractic manipulative treatments via Instrument/Drop Table are $25.00


Major Medical Insurance & Self-Pay (Cash)

Dr. Frank & Functional Health Planning, LLC (d/b/a Florida Functional Neurology Group [FFNG]) are a time-of-service office. Super bills can be provided for customers documentation, submission to private insurance to attempt to receive reimbursement, etc.


Initial Exam/Evaluation (fee below includes access to office’s reduced-fee schedule*)

$117.00 20-30 minutes 99202 E/M [Not covered by Medicare]

$165.75 30-45 minutes 99203 E/M [Not covered by Medicare]

$250.25 45-60 minutes 99204 E/M [Not covered by Medicare]

$312.00 60-75 minutes 99205 E/M [Not covered by Medicare]

New patient document click here


Additional Testing offered in this office: Computerized Testing of: Balance ($25-50*), Neurocognitive Function ($60.00*), Eye Movements, and Video Oculography ($25->$156*) are an additional cost [Not covered by Medicare. ] Dr. Frank’s time/additional time is $25.00* for every 5 minutes. [Not covered by Medicare].  In addition, any necessary reevaluations or other testing, review of documents, etc., are an additional fee [Not covered by Medicare].

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