Florida Functional Neurology Group patient

Dr. Frank performing muscle response testing to assess for what treatment THIS patient needs. Treatments plans are tailored to each individual’s specific needs.

Alexander C. Frank, DC, DACNB and Florida Functional Neurology Group drive to improve our patients’ functional capacity, or their ability to do work with less fatigue. In the case of many patients, it is fatigue that leads to failure of tissues and injury or pain. With an increased functional capacity, patients are able to accomplish activities of daily living such as dressing, walking, socializing, etc., free from pain or fears.

Dr. Alexander C. Frank believes a strong foundation is imperative along the road to recovery. Therefore, he focuses on providing the cells of the body with what they need most to function optimally (a healthy Central Integrated State), so they can “do their jobs.” Improved functional capacity leads to functional independence, or the ability to maintain one’s own health, with limited external inputs (i.e., drugs, supplements, medical/chiropractic treatments, etc.).

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Mirror imaging therapy

Dr. Frank performing mirror-imaging therapy. other sensory integrative therapies that are based on the latest advances in clinical neurosciences.

The Interactive Metronome therapy resynchronizes regions of the brain.

The Interactive Metronome is utilized to resynchronize the regions of the brain, and overall brain/body integration and governance.